Our Story

Located in the heart of downtown Meaford, on the shores of Georgian Bay, L’AB is your local Boutique Fitness Studio, Holistic Health Clinic & Botanical Apothecary. Comprised of a multidisciplinary team of holistic practitioners & teachers addressing the fundamental root cause of dis-ease & working with the healing powers of Nature, we endeavour to treat the whole person and reinforce our student’s & patient’s return to vitality.

“Botanicals have an extraordinary way of elevating our frequency and lifting us to a higher state of vibration and health.”
Lisa Marie Holmes

Humans share a delicately woven existence with the land and every community has an intimate history deeply rooted in herbalism. By harnessing the dynamism carried within the plants, we can facilitate vital transformations through a wide range of actions and energetics. This includes tonifying, nourishing and restoring the body as a whole, both physically and energetically. At L’Apothicaire Botanique we believe in a holistic approach to life and encourage everyone to remember the sacred bond that exists between ourselves and Mother Earth. Remember, we are Nature. Nature is within us.

Our Roots

Rooted in botanical medicine, L’Apothicaire Botanique approaches health from a vitalistic perspective. We utilize a wide range of traditional modalities and believe there is a time and place for all medicine; The wisdom lies in knowing when each one is best practiced.
We trust the Vis Medicatrix Naturae which is the belief in the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Our practitioners are healing facilitators, and you are the healer.

Our Services

Our Fitness Studio offers a wide range of group classes as we believe that movement is medicine .
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Our team of holistic practitioners integrate a variety of different modalities within their practices.
Services we proudly offer include:
. Naturopathic Medicine
. Acupuncture & Cupping
. Massage Therapy
. Energy Healing & Reiki
. Homeopathy
. Traditional Chinese Medicine
. Fertility Specialist
. Orthomolecular and Functional Medicine
. Blood, stool, semen and urine analysis
. Burn-Out Assistance
. Holistic Nutritional Support
. Acute and Chronic Injury Care
. Botanical Remedies such as Teas, Tinctures and Supplements
. Natural & Non-Toxic Body and Home-Care Products
and more.


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