SuperFood Mix


A green protein source that contains low iron (for the treatment of cancers) that helps in cachexia. Suitable for those on a low-carb or Ketogenic Diet. Has antitumour, immune stimulating and alterative-like blood cleansing properties.

Spirulina:Anti-oxidant, Immune-enhancing, Prebiotic, Source of trace minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids, Chlorophyll

Chlorella: Detoxifier, Nutritive, Anti-oxidant, Source of trace minerals, Chlorophyll, Immune-enhancing

Maca: Anxiolytic, Adaptogen, Nervine

Pinus Pollen: Nutritive, Source of phyto-androgens (Testosterone), amino acids and minerals

Panax quinquefolius: Adrenal tonic, Blood sugar regulator

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